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About Progressive Protestor

In February, 2021 MacKenzie Stout created the 'Recall Ted' t-shirt. The vision grew, adopting national causes and new apparel choices. Unlike traditional political merchandise, Progressive Protestor clothing promotes policy activism, removing references to parties, politicians, and even social movements. Progressive Protestor's mission is to create awareness, pressure and funds directly for policy change.


Shirts are sourced from Gildan, one of the world's most sustainably managed companies, and printed here in the United States. All apparel is printed on-demand, which reduces waste. To improve sourcing, shifting printing to a cooperatively owned company is underway. Effort to improve sustainability will follow. Additionally, printing at facilities within the region an order is placed is a long-term goal.


Progressive Protestor splits profit from sales with policy advocacy organizations. Donated dollars are also used to provide apparel to progressive organizations for no cost. An open spreadsheet is in development to make the organization 100% transparent.

Office location (not open to the public)
424 NE Morris St.
Portland, Oregon, 97212


Sales currently benefiting:
Total Recall PDX

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